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Audio-Visual Loss & Grief Resources

As a brief search on YouTube will indicate, there are many audio-visual resources out there about loss & grief. Some are excellent others not so. The resources on this page have been carefully screened by a loss & grief counsellor for accuracy and sensitivity.

The video to the right contains information about bereavement and grief, including postive coping strategies and online resources.

Grief videos capture real life challenges and coping strategies
Produced by RealTime Health in partnership with NALAG (Vic, Australia), two purchasable video resources aim to inform and reassure through presentation of grief experiences encountered by older people and those who have been victims of crime.  Excerpts from these videos may be viewed via the following links:

Grief and older people

Grief and victims of crime

RealTime Health produce an extensive range of videos addressing patient and carer experiences of disability and illness in association with relevant support groups/organisations.

Health Talk Online (and link to sister site
Based on rigorous qualitative research, led by experts at the University of Oxford this site offers a database of personal experiences – addressing more than 60 illnesses and health related conditions (including: experiences associated with death, dying & bereavement and chronic health issues).  Intended for “patients, their carers, family and friends, doctors, nurses and other health related professionals”, these resources offer a valuable contribution to sound decision making.  The site is easy to use and regularly updated with material that can be watched, listened to &/or read (and includes a link to a youth focused sister site).

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