About Nalag

Established early in the 1980’s, NALAG was founded at a time when loss & grief issues were a mystery for many people. NALAG has been in the vanguard for promoting awareness and support around loss & grief issues for three decades.

We are very pleased to acknowledge that there are many qualified providers of loss & grief services in New Zealand. Resourcing is good but always an ongoing issue. Every generation of New Zealanders needs education around loss & grief issues. We organise and promote conferences, events, seminars and other training happenings.

NALAG is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which focuses on issues related to loss and grief. It is recognised by a wide cross section of the caring professions and interested members of the community.

Our Aims

  • To encourage and promote professional and community education in the areas of loss and grief.
  • To encourage direct assistance in the form of individual counselling and group support to those suffering the effects of loss and grief.
  • To encourage investigation, study, and research into the human experience of loss and grief.
  • To coordinate grief-related activities at a local level.
  • To liaise between related national and local organisations.