The Sky Dreamer – a book review

The Sky Dreamer by Anne Morgan
Illustrated by Celine EimannThis delightful story tells of  a young boy, Liam whose sister Cassie has died. He watches the winter clouds, hoping his sister is out there somewhere. The night before Liam’s birthday, Cassie appears siling in a ship, the Sky Dreamer. Anchoring the ship in the ghost gum tree in their garden, she calls to Liam to come aboard and together they sail through the night.

Liam has to steer the ship through rough and stormy conditions, passing planets and stars and black holes and despite calling to his sister to help, she can only sit sewing his birthday present. He has to learn how to navigate the storm clouds, bringing them safely home. As they return, he wants to sail with her forever but Cassie urges him to leave with his present. Liam  awakes to find  himself enfolded with a special cloak made for him by his sister.

This sensitively told story with beautiful illustrations is gently reflective with a touching underlying message for a child experiencing grief of a sibling.